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This is the home page for the Rising Stars in Transplantation Surgery Award.  Please visit the Awards Home Page to apply for a different award. 

Once you have read the requirements and are ready to submit your nomination, please Click Here.

Transplantation has always been an academically oriented field. The decline in NIH funding, and the growing fiscal pressures requiring increased clinical productivity, both serve to disadvantage young transplant surgeons trying to secure NIH grants. Because of this, it is now more difficult for these young transplant surgeons to achieve promotion in tenure tracks, and to obtain tenure itself. But, promotion to Associate, or Full Professor, and ability to obtain tenure still remain important goals for these individuals. Additionally, tenure track promotions committees may not appreciate the nature of original and seminal work that is of great importance to our field. Many institutions view federal funding as objective criteria to assess an individual’s body of scholarly work for originality, importance, and peer recognition. To demonstrate this in the absence of NIH funding, ASTS has established the Rising Stars in Transplantation Surgery Award, which gives recognition from the leading Society of transplantation surgery that these individuals have made a significant, profound, or potentially transformative contribution to the discipline. Eligible nominees must be 6 - 15 years post fellowship.

Up to two recipients will be selected, contingent upon the availability of funds and the receipt of qualified applications. Recipient(s) will recieve $1500 honorarium, hotel accommodations for three nights (room and tax only) at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, and complimentary all-access registration to the Winter Symposium. Recipients will also recieve a Certificate of Recognition, formal notification letter and letter of significance.


  • The nominator must provide a letter of support that specifically and explicity addresses the awardee's scholarly body of work and why it is of profound significance and/or of a transformative quality.
  • The nominator will supply files of the nominee's papers, abstracts, or other evidence of the work. At least 2 files (per nomination) must be received.
  • At least 2 separate nominations per individual must be received in order for the nominee to be considered eligible.


After 2 nominations have been received, the nominee will be informed of his/her nomination directly by the ASTS. They must accept the nomination and supply the following:

  • NIH style biosketch using the 'new' format;
  • Up to 4 files of published or presented works relating to the nomination;
  • A summary of the novelty and significance of the work limited to a maximum of 500 words.


  • The ASTS Grants Review Committee shall review all nominations and present recommendations to the ASTS Executive Committee for approval.
  • Only nominees who have accepted their nomination and are ASTS members shall be considered.